Commissioning process is a highly effective method to improve the performance of building systems and equipment. Both LEED and LOTUS certifications encourage commissioning in their system. GREENSPACE will involve in your project as a CxA to lead, review and oversee the completion of the commissioning process activities. 

Our tasks include:

  • Integrate with the design team and contractor to perform commissioning tasks
  • Involve in team meetings, both in pre-construction and construction stages, to ensure all relevant parties understand their roles and all tasks required of commissioning
  • Develop Basis of Design (BOD) and Owner Project Requirement (OPR)
  • Develop a commissioning plan based on the OPR, BOD and commissioning meeting
  • Review and support on developing specifications, drawings
  • Provide input into the project design and any recommendations to improve project efficiency
  • As equipment is installed, we verify installation of equipment to be commissioned, and perform functional testing in collaboration with subcontractors
  • Develop a commissioning report for the owner and project team including reports on all visits, observations and recommendations for any incorrect issues
  • Revisit the building within a year of occupancy to retest the energy systems to ensure they are working properly (applied for enhanced commissioning)